Social Media T-Shirt Campaign Launches

We are looking to send out our Welch for Justice t-shirts to our biggest supporters across the state, and we want your help to get the word out about the race on social media!

Welch T-Shirt

With less than two weeks until absentee voting begins in Michigan, now is the perfect time to demonstrate your support for Elizabeth Welch by posting a photo or video of yourself wearing one of these shirts to your social media networks. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with instructions and some fun ideas!

We’re giving away shirts to anyone who agrees to help the campaign and chips in just $20 to help cover some of the costs. Donate now to get yours→

Before voting begins here in Michigan, we’re working hard to reach as many voters as possible and ensure that everyone knows where to find Elizabeth’s name on their ballot.

Although Elizabeth was nominated by the Michigan Democratic Party, her name will appear on the non-partisan section of the ballot.

Participating in our social media t-shirt campaign will help us expand our voter outreach efforts during this critical period — and anytime you wear your new Welch For Justice t-shirt, you’ll help us ensure that Elizabeth’s name is on the top of voters’ minds when they fill out their ballots.

Donate $20 or more today to get your very own Welch for Justice shirt.