The Legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

There will be many memories of the iconic Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shared in many places today. I wanted to share my personal reflection in the midst of the proper mourning that will follow.

It isn’t often a Justice gets a brand: RBG. We all know who she is. She didn’t seek or ask for the notoriety. She was hard-working, brilliant, humble, compassionate and funny.

I have been asked in many interviews I have had in my own journey “who is a US Supreme Court Justice I most admire?” There is no pause on this. RBG.

Yes, her jurisprudence is incredibly important. But many don’t know about her work before she arrived at the Supreme Court. Her strategic ability to represent parties that would ultimately push the law towards equality for all was extraordinary.

She will be missed for her brilliant opinions and ferocious dissents. And perhaps just as importantly, her ability to maintain a close friendship with Justice Scalia, her judicial ideology opposite, was legendary. She could write a fierce dissent that set the table for what she believed the law should be, and yet maintain a friendship with a Justice in the majority on that opinion.

That is the epitome of not just an excellent justice, but an extraordinary human being.