Elizabeth Welch for Michigan Supreme Court TV ad Premieres

The Welch for Justice campaign just completed production on the very first Elizabeth Welch for Michigan Supreme Court TV ad!

We couldn’t be happier with this new ad. It demonstrates why Elizabeth is so uniquely qualified for the Michigan Supreme Court; she has spent her lifetime fighting for schools, small businesses and workers.

This ad will make a big difference in these final 6 weeks before Election Day. With our ad on the air, we’ll be able to reach thousands of Michiganders at once, including voters hearing about Elizabeth for the first time.

With Elizabeth appearing on the non-partisan section of the ballot, we need to make sure everyone knows that straight-ticket voting alone won’t be enough. So much is at stake this November, and we need to use everything in our toolbox to reach voters — that includes television.

But we can only expand our viewership with your support. Absentee voting begins this week in Michigan — chip in now to help us stay on the air as the first votes are cast in this election. Any amount helps!