A Break From the Campaign Trail

Today I want to take a quick break from the campaign trail to share some memories with you from my journey through high school, law school, and the friends and family who have supported me along the way.

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This is my class of 1988 senior picture from high school in East Grand Rapids. I call this one “swimmer hair.” In the fall after graduation, I headed to Penn State to study Business and History.

Here I am with my best friend on the planet, Nancy Sokol, in the summer of 1991 during my college days. Nancy remains my best friend all these years later.

This is me with my Grampa Mitchell after my law school graduation in 1995 — we both had a shared love for our alma mater, Penn State.

Operation Bentley was a program to encourage high school kids to get involved with government service. The event was hosted at Albion College and kids from all over Michigan attended.

The following summer in 1992, I traveled between my internship at the local U.S. Attorney’s office and the start of my second year of law school. Those boots are back in style now, right?

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